Soua Lor, better known as her stage name, Sushi Lor, is an inevitable Hmong American female hip hop artist and DJ who is making a name for herself as she steadily creates music on a daily basis. Sushi was raised in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and lived in California briefly to pursue her music career doing gigs and traveling from all throughout the United States and even Ghana, Africa.

DJ Sushi Lor is one of the hottest disc jockey in the midwest. She is best known for holding open-mic events for local artists and is the highest rated wedding DJ in the Hmong community. She currently only accepts gig requests for special events. DJ Sushi Lor has over 13,000 active followers on Instagram (@SushiLor) who strongly supports her music career and follows her movement.

She has been making music since the age of 14 and was in a singing group called “76” with two of her female friends. Sushi then decided to go solo and recorded her first track in 2007. From there on, things took off. The stage seems to be no stranger to her. When it comes to live performances, her voice controls the audience! She grew up confidently caressing the spotlight and have taken music more seriously after examining herself, knowing that she has a different taste to bring to the table.

Sushi’s list of achievements would impress and even intimidate many other artists, due to not only her age, but the fact that this is only the tip of the iceberg for her. She has done everything as far as live performances – from opening up for celebrity names such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, coordinating her own club events, charity events, tournaments, festivals, Hmong New Years events, open mics, and many more.

After chasing DJs and radio stations to play her records, Sushi thought it would be smart to become a DJ herself and play her own music. That was one of the best decisions she’s ever made with her music career. Beginning of 2011, the ability of dj-ing has hit this young talent. She is one of the luckiest individuals to be given the opportunity to spin at a live club in the city of Milwaukee, WI after only as little as two months of practice at home on her turntables. Let’s not forget that she is a self-taught DJ. Her very first venue was held at Club Bari on Milwaukee’s busiest street – Water Street. Sushi managed to promote and throw events as the only female DJ to spin on Ladies Night Thursdays in the city! She held her “OPEN MIC Wednesdays” at Danny’s Lounge in West Allis, Wisconsin. Music artists from all over the city has been showing a lot of love, support and simply pushing their own music as well. This movement itself is already history.

“Being a DJ has made me a better artist.” – Sushi Lor


Soua was born on November 9th. Soua has always been a scholar and hard worker. At her 8th grade graduation from St. Rose Catholic Urban Academy, she was honored with a Gesu Peacemaker medallion. Soua was also named Valedictorian of her high school senior class from Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a passion for the growth of young children. Soua has worked as a teacher for many years in child care centers and public schools in the city of Milwaukee. Her goal with education is to open a child facility to allow equal opportunity for children who are less fortunate, as well as undergoing the early headstart program. On the political side, she has worked closely with local State Representatives and Senators with having an office at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, WI.

As a teacher, she not only travels for work, but travels frequently for her own personal interest and pleasure as she finds it to be the best source of education.


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