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“TAKE IT SLOW” – Sushi Lor

“BOSS” – Sushi Lor

“VIP” – Sushi Lor

“I’M RAW” – Sushi Lor Ft. TomBoi


7 thoughts on “Music

  1. I do music I have not really got into it because theres alot of people out here that is for them selfs Im looking for some real people to work with I have a great voice my fiance writes and he also do my beats.. I write music also….My goal is to go hard in these music thing Ive been trying to get it started since I was a lil girl I never really had no one t no go in to this with in tell I met my fiance…..Ive did some Talent shows to a crowed is nothing to me. I love work with new people and Music is my life and I ready to get it started…………

    Thank you for your time,

  2. If you’re looking for serious artist management, please contact me via my personal email. I will be glad to inform you a few things about the music industry and where to go once I know where you’ve been. Hope to hear from you soon.

    -Sushi Lor

  3. Nice music. Send me your single to play on my Internet Radio station


    DJ Ben Hop

  4. dope..u sexy like a asin black girl 🙂

  5. Nice song thiz clutch lil sister i would like that azz a ring tone

  6. sushi , i love your music love chase kou G

  7. I like what i hear and see… i think we can make a big impact this Summer when our season starts…..

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